About Relished Artistry

Relished Artistry is about appreciating creative expression. It's about heightened reality. It's about costuming and fashion and style that might not be your every day attire. It's about recognizing creativity--primarily in clothing--but also throughout life.  

The blog in particular is about a number of things: techniques and methods of creating wearable art and clothing design in it's myriad forms, costume history, materials and supplies, book reviews, and anything else pertaining to feeling good about one's self and what's in one's closet or on one's walls!

Most of what I make personally is a bit out of the realm of every day clothing. My experience in the field of theatrical costuming lends itself to wearable art that takes a bit of what's in everyone's closet and bumps it up a notch. This blog is about what I'm working on both artistically and educationally with my students, and what I find interesting that inspires and excites me.

It's a journal of the creation of the limited edition pieces I work on as well as the processes I'm playing with my my school's costume shop, and it draws attention to other wearable art ventures, artistic expressions, experiments and general wonders of adornment!

My particular influences come from 20 years of professional costuming experience, thousands of years of theatrical literature and costume history, podcast listening, and good friends and family. My goal is to be authentic and heartfelt.

Life is too short. Life Life with Relish!

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