Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some New Neck Laces

"Blue Clock"
I know you're probably tired of getting these kinds of blog posts from everyone, including me.  I mean, after all, who wants to only see "what's new" posts all the time?  Isn't that what advertising is for?  If all we ever do is post articles about the latest item we've made and provide a link for our Etsy shops, it would make for very boring reading.  No one would want to subscribe to blogs anymore, as they'd just be a fancy alternative to getting someone's attention.

And I honestly try to avoid that as much as possible.  Honestly.  I have struggled with creating content for my blog that is engaging and useful to readers, not just a glorified "Look At Me!" rant.  I realize that to some extent blogs are supposed to be that way.  But as a reader of blogs myself, I know personally that it can be hard to sustain attention when you're trying to keep up with 200 or so subscriptions of everyone asking for your attention and redirecting it toward their storefronts...

"Copper Rose"
I recently discovered a bit of this phenomenon on Facebook.  I made a habit of posting the Treasuries and Collections I was selected for on my Facebook page.  But my friends are getting a bit tired of it...  They say it's getting old.  So I don't think I'll be doing that anymore.  I have a professional "Page" for Relished Artistry, and I think I'll stick to posting that stuff there instead.  That's the way it should be, actually.  If you're interested in following my professional progression, you would "Like" my page, and you'd get updates.  But by-and-large it's better to not put that stuff on your personal timeline.

So, I'm trying to cut back on those kinds of posts on my blog, and on my personal Facebook account, and keep there where they're supposed to be.

But I do have some new neck laces to share that are going to be available on my Etsy site, and while I am going to try to shift the content of this blog a bit more back into the direction of helpful resource, at this exact moment I want to indulge in the "look at me!" type of post.

Yellow Plum
These are a bit different than the ones I've done before--these are actually dyed a tan color, so they look more like off-white, aged lace.  I had a woman want one to match her interior decorating theme, and the tones I had already available weren't quite what she had in mind.  So I dyed some white lace in my back yard in a big canning pot, and created some new pieces based on what she had suggested.  I'm quite excited about them.  Some of them incorporate porcelain china pieces that my Aunt Glenna gave me that accompanied pieces from my great-grandmother.  Some of them use resin cabochons that I hand-poured, backed with polymer clay pieces that I enjoyed making.  Some of them use charms that I bought from B'sue Boutiques online.  

"Dusty Rose"
There's a variety of different looks and subtle changes in feeling that provide a bit of variety to each piece.  I'm excited about possibly dyeing more pieces in different colors and seeing what that does.  I have to figure out which colors would be generic enough to not be overwhelming to any embellishment of decoration I would add to each piece.  I'm not interested in mass producing pieces, but I will if I have a special request.  If I do multiples of the same piece, it will be rare.  Instead, I'm trying to give each individual neck lace a personality of it's own, never to be duplicated.

There are a LOT of variations out there to play with.  A LOT of different kinds of lace.  A LOT of different focal pieces and painting possibilities.  I don't think individuality is going to be a problem.  And who wants to wear something that 10,000 other people are wearing anyway?

Until next time, Live Life with Relish!

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