Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Fresh New Coat of Paint

Well, I completely revamped the look of my blog.  I found an awesome template at called "Ultime Notizie" for free.  It had enough of a "vintage-esque" feel and at the same time offered a lot of tabs and sidebar links so I could explore adding more content in the future. Did I mention it was free?  Lauren, the young Las Vegas woman who assembled it, has several different CSS templates available on her website--all of them free!

I think it has more of a website feel to it, and less of a blog feel.

Because of the new links and such, I am going to be able to expand the amount of information that I can offer.  I plan on making a few more Gallery pages, as well as offering some tutorials from previous blog posts in a newly reformatted form.  I'm going to provide a "Find Me At..." feature that will share the various fairs and festivals in which I plan on participating.

But aside from links and content, I'm also thinking about expanding the offerings of my blog posts.  If indeed this is about relishing artistry, I think I should start sharing some of the artists and their sites that I truly enjoy.  "Spread the Love" as it were.  There are a lot of artists that I have used as inspiration, and a lot of companies from whom I purchase my supplies.  I admire so much of the work that I've found out there, and it's time that I expressed that a bit more.

I've also thought about interviewing some of my friends for my blog.  I work in a very creative industry, and I am surrounded by incredibly talented people who do incredible things.  I have a wealth of interesting artisans right at my finger tips!!  I should make sure to share their work with you as well!

On top of all that I'm actually going to start offering coupon codes for purchasing items from my Etsy and Artfire sites, can you believe it?  I've never offered anything like that before, but I've always wanted to try it.  I think this is the perfect opportunity!

I'm also curious as to what you like to read about.  I'm wondering if there are certain kinds of posts that you find more interesting than others, and if there are any that I should try to avoid...  I don't post that often, but I'm not looking to be saddled with the pressure of sticking to a schedule for this--I think we all have better things to be doing!  Haha!!  But if there are things you're curious about, or ways that I can offer resources, I'm more than willing to point this blog in that direction.  Just let me know--you can send me an email at, or leave a comment below!

So.  Get ready for what I'm calling"Relished Reboot"!  Fun changes in the works!  Hang on folks!

Until next time, Live Life with Relish!

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