Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's New in the Studio?

I haven't posted about anything I've been doing in my studio lately...  I've been playing with a lot of jewelry and resin paper and such, but I've actually been doing a fair amount of sewing and creating wearable art as well.  I thought I'd post my latest little "ditty" and share what's up on the Etsy front!

I've finally gotten around to purchasing an iPad.  I'm very excited--I needed one so I could process credit cards at street fairs and art festivals...  It was one of the main reasons I hadn't submitted any entries to anything like that, but now that I know I can process credit and debit cards, I'm much more committed to doing some fun on-site shows.  Unfortunately for me, the demand for iPads is so high right now, I won't be able to actually pick mine up from my local Apple store until April 17th.  Can you believe it?  3 weeks from now...  Sigh...  I've already got my Square card-swiper ready to go...

But other than that, I've been prepping some new neck laces, and completed a cute little retro circus inspired capelet.  I had been commissioned to make an opera cape for a friend of mine--one of those cloaks that has multiple tiers of capes one on top of the other.  I simply used the top tier's pattern to make the capelet, and quickly developed a roll collar to finish it off.

The actual sewing was a different matter--there's a lot of trim and embellishment on the cape that had to be carefully sewn on by both machine and by hand.  The soutache trim I had in stock was white, so I had to dip it down in some dye to make it contrast with the white satin it was going to be sewn to.  The collar is shaped with a dagged edge that makes it quite unusual.  The closure at the collar is a gorgeous rhinestone clasp that really catches the light.  And then finally, I added heat-set satin colored Swarovski rhinestones all along the collar's edges just to catch the light.

I think it's an unusual combination of colors and textures that put it in a style by itself.  It's certainly one of a kind--I don't have the materials left to make another one!  Haha!!  Honestly, I think it's a perfect addition to an ice skating outfit, a Victorian-inspired ensemble, or even with a cute little retro dress.

I am also liking the circus-y feel that this capelet has...  The diamonds remind me of a vintage circus pattern, and the soutache certainly provides a contrasting design line that hearkens back to the heavy trims the circus outfits used to have on them.  The rhinestones lend themselves to that feeling as well.  And the tan coloring is sort of "sepia-tone-esque", which reminds me of all those browning vintage photographs.

It's for sale on my Etsy site here.  Shipping is included for orders placed in the United States!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all a little bit of what I've been working on in my studio.   I've got a three day weekend ahead of me now, so I plan on getting a lot more projects done!  I'll be sure to post some pics!

Until next time, Live Life with Relish!


  1. You know what some sellers do in Singapore? They send an invoice via paypal to the buyer who pays with their credit card. All you need is a mobile phone. For me, I usually collect cash. Some places I sell at have credit card facilities but you have to pay a commission. Currently I sell at a regular craft market which collects payment from the buyers. They have a debit card payment system. The market pays me via cheque a month later.

    1. I wish they would have that setup here in the US, but I have never heard of a craft fair that's done that... Most fairs and festivals here leave it up to you as the vendor to figure out how to receive payments, and since fewer people carry cash nowadays it's almost impossible to make sales without some card-reading mechanism...

      It would be interesting to see if the system you describe working for you in Singapore would work as well here, because I think vendors are a little "persnickety" when it comes to who is handling their money for them... Sounds like you've got a lot of trustworthy fair organizers that are responsible and have integrity--that might not be the case as much here in the States... hehe... Sadly, there have been too many examples of organizers who simply took their artist and vendor registration and booth fees and ran... I don't think vendors would trust them with the money from their sales, no matter how reputable their payment system is...

      Regarding why I bought the iPad, I would need a smart phone to use Paypal, and I don't have one. I just have a basic cell phone. I decided to get an iPad because the monthly payments were cheaper for internet access with an iPad than a smart phone. They're more expensive to purchase up front, but I can sign up on a month-to-month plan for Wi-Fi and 4G without having to sign a yearly contract, as well as change my plan each month. Over time, it's cheaper than a smartphone. However, it can't be used as a cellphone (well, with certain apps it can). But I'm okay with that. I pay $25/month for my cellphone right now anyway, and I can't get a cheaper plan than that, so upgrading to a single smartphone for both my phone service and internet access would be way too expensive for me... : )

      Hope things are going well out there for ya! Congratulations on your Anniversary!! : )


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