Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trying out a New Lace

A New Look with a New Lace
The new lace
The lace I already had
I'm excited about my newest creations--new neck laces using an alternative lace!!

I purchased some new lace from my, and started making some new pieces that look subtly different than what I had been making...  These have a motif that falls downward in a teardrop shape much more obviously than the previous lace I was using.  This gives a slightly different effect to the overall impression of the piece than before.
Similar use of
the old lace

I had been seeking an alternative motif for a while, and finally I took the plunge and bought some.  I had to find the right width  (3" to 4") with a motif that splayed out on the outer/lower edge so the lace would lay flat correctly against the neck...  A lace that is too "solid" throughout won't radiate outward properly--it just wrinkles up on itself.  But using a lace that doesn't have any substantial body to pleat up renders the lace pretty useless as well.  So I looked for a lace that had one moderately "dagged" edge and one straight edge.

And I finally found something that I wanted to experiment with here.  And luckily, this came in black as well, so I didn't have to dye it!

I also bought some of the same lace I had been using, but in white (so I can dye it a variety of different colors) and metallic gold!!  So we'll see what happens!  That should be exciting!!

So without further ado, here it is!  I've already added this to my Etsy shop, so if you absolutely MUST have it (haha!) it's there...  I am really excited about the potential for making more neck laces out of this particular type of lace.  I may have to purchase some more lace in the future just so I can have even more variety, but right now I want to fully explore the alternatives this inspires in me!  I already have a wider variety of colored rhinestones than I actually started with, and my polymer clay and resin experiments have rendered a lot of toys to use as focal points...

There's a lot on my plate, now I just need to dig in and Make!  I've made several already that I'll be sharing in the future.  For a tutorial on how to make these, you can go here.

Until next time, Live Life with Relish!

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