Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Opportunity to Return to Exploring

I was fortunate enough to make a big sale a couple days ago, and sold 11 of my Neck Laces all in one go!  That means that I have a wonderful opportunity to replace the pieces that I sold with new ones!  Woohooo!!!

I've collected some charms over the last year, knowing that I would need to use them eventually and contemplating what colors and arrangements I would use with them.  I've really enjoyed making these little things, but when I got to a point that I didn't feel I could justify making more of them without at least selling some of them, I stopped making them and turned to other things.  But now I really do have to start cranking them out again--and I am really looking forward to the process!  It's not a burden, really, it's a great chance to stretch and think outside the box again...

I quickly cranked out a couple new ones, but now I'm thinking I want to get a bit more complicated with them, a bit more intricate...  I'm going to start adding a bit more beading and embellishment than I have in the past.  I had done a tiny bit of it on my first pieces and thought, "Oh my goodness this is too time consuming for the results", but I think I just need to figure out exactly how to make it worth it...  It may mean finding the right kinds of beads, or going deeper into the actual painting than I have in the past.  There's also the opportunity to draw correlations to different inspirational materials, using color palettes that are provided by paintings and such.

I've ordered some more lace of the same motif that is gold metallic, so we'll see if the effects change on a different colored surface than black or white.  I ordered more lace so I could begin dying it in different colors as well.  I have a larger stock of heat set rhinestones now as well.  I am also considering weaving ribbon through the lace, and making some ribbon flowers to enhance the pieces.  I'd also like to explore multiple cascading layers, making the piece a true "jabot" that is much longer in the front.  Or layering it onto a soft ruffled sheer layer that may or may not be slightly distressed...  Any thoughts from any of you out there in the blogosphere?

I'm really looking forward to exploring this!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you the first of my "getting back to Neck Laces" efforts...  This one is done in a variety of metallic golds to enhance a cute owl charm I found at my local craft store.  The rhinestones are certainly "glinty"!

This is available on my Etsy and Artfire sites if you're interested!  Until next time, Live Life with Relish!


  1. Congrats on the big sale, thats awesome!

    What are you using to color the gold portions of your lace? It looks like paint, is that right?

    If you haven't yet, look into metallic foil, its like gold leaf for fabric. You apply a glue, let it dry, and then iron the foil on top. It will do beautiful things on the lace to bring out the tiny delicate details and will have a nice vintagey look.

    I had some examples in my portfolio if you remember seeing those a while back.

    Have fun making more, I love seeing your newest projects!

  2. Ooooo, Megan, I hadn't thought about doing that! Brilliant!! I have some different metallic leaf that I can try tomorrow!! I don't remember the examples--I'll have to give it a try to see what it's like.

    The gold is indeed fabric paint--Lumiere. When I discovered it, I tripped out!! But I'm thinking the gold leaf will have a special luster that will be totally different... Oooo, I can't wait!!! Thanks for the tip!!!

  3. Good job Corey on your big sale. Do you do better on Etsy or Artfire? The neck pieces you showed - they're very intricate. I wonder if you've ever considered doing hair accessories with similar lace motif? In Singapore hair accessories is very big biz.

  4. I have only made a couple sales on Artfire--3, I think. The rest have all been on Etsy. I think that's because Etsy simply gets more traffic--it's one of the top 50 sites visited in the world!! But that's got a downside, too--a seller can get completely lost...

    Artfire is better for those who can draw their own traffic and use it as a shopping cart mechanism... I can't do that yet. However the people that are shopping on Artfire are a much more "focused" customer who know it exists and are looking specifically at what they have that's different than what's on Etsy... Different strokes for different folks, I guess...

    Thanks for the kind words! And I hadn't thought about hair accessories... Hmm... Maybe I need to explore that... : )


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