Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pink Ruff and Cuffs--My First Set!

I've reached a bit of a snag on my Ringmaster coat that I shared with you from my last post.  I'd like to wait to see what I can find in the Los Angeles fabric district for shoulder cords and pre-fabricated trim for the "hussar jacket" look I'm working for.  So in lieu of waiting until I get there, I decided to move forward on some other projects and expand the "body of work" a bit more.

I assembled my first ruff and cuff "set" last night--a soft pink piece of striped fabric that I embellished with antique rose rhinestones around the collar piece.  The cuffs are narrower versions of the ruff, but without rhinestones.  I'm thinking this piece is probably closer to the "circus-esque" theme that I've been playing with for Relished Artistry than almost anything else that I've made.  

And while I love that vintage circus feel, my gut starts to worry when I relegate my work too thematically tight,  as I truly believe some of my pieces could be used for other purposes than just costuming...  I have no qualms about making high-end costumes that are recognized as such.  I just want to elevate them out of that narrowly perceived niche into a wider, more artistic expression that is appreciated a bit differently. 

This is the first "set" I've made, and I'm not sure if that makes it more of a garment and less of an "art piece", but we'll see.

Regardless, here is the soft pink ruff!  I think it has a charming character.  I'll have it on my Etsy and Artfire sites, soon!

Until next time, Live Life with Relish!

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