Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creme Puff Ruff

This new little ruff is one of my softest and romantic looks yet.  It's a soft curtain sheer I found at a local fabric store, and snatched it up right away.  The stripes radiate outward from the neck, but they're not so strong that they make a "sunburst" effect.  Tiny brown stripes wrapped in delicately petite gold thread are shot through the sheering, giving it a sophisticated, mature look that is both dramatic and simple.

I like this one very very much.  It is elegant in it's simplicity, and can enhance any number of different outfits for ladies, as well as serving it's purpose as a costume in a variety of different situations.  I could easily see this being worn with a warm winter coat (that happens to have a slightly open neck) in lieu of a scarf.  And at the same time, it would be gorgeous with a black leotard and tweed pencil skirt.

This one, like all my other ruffs, is available at both my Etsy and Artfire sites.

I have a small handful of new fabrics that I want to make a few more ruffs of, and then I think I'm going to stop on them for a while... I think I've played enough with that idea for the time being.  I feel a need to move back to creating more substantial garments.  I'll be making some more swallowtail men's vests, and I am strongly considering making some shrugs with an idea that was given to me for a beautiful collar effect...  I have some basic ruffled drawstring petticoat skirts that I want to try making for fun (just to see if they'll sell), and some adjustable men's neck wear pieces (ascots and such) that I've been saving fabric to make.  I also want to get back to my doll making, too...  Who knows, after all that I may be going back to make some fun women's coats like I had done in the very beginning...!

Until next time, Live Life with Relish!

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