Monday, September 5, 2011

More Fun with Tin Cans, Patina, and Magnets

I've made some more tin can "room jewelry" I want to share with you all... And I tried applying the copper, bronze, and patina to the back of glass floral cabochons and glued magnets on the back.  I think they've turned out quite unusual--they certainly look awesome on my refrigerator!  Haha!

I'm enjoying this!  A friend stopped by the other day, and said she could easily see my mobiles featured in an Anthropologie store, which was very flattering.  While it seems there are a lot of pros and cons to that store, and I've never actually been in one myself, I'm going to take my friend's comment as the compliment it was intended to be! It tickled me!  I'm hoping they may "take off" as I get more of them into my Etsy and Artfire shops.  I'm also starting to think about how I will display them when I go to my first art festival or street fair, but I have a long way to go for that.  I still have a lot of "stock" to make and I don't even have a tent!  Nor display forms, nor storage bins, nor registered for any of them... Like I said--a long way to go...

(On a side note, I'm thinking a street fair might be a perfect excuse to invest in an iPad so I can swipe credit cards for point-of-purchase sales...  Hehe... I guess I'm just a big boy who wants more toys.  Haha!)

Anyway, I thought I'd share these with you and get some feedback if you care to leave a comment--the product or the quality of the photos, it doesn't matter...   This was my first time using a little foam core lighting box that I hurriedly put together.  Wow did I have to manipulate these pics in Photoshop--they started out dark and colorless...  I had to adjust all kinds of things to make the hues and contrast appear like they do in real life...  In reality, the colors are surprisingly vibrant and rich.  The copper stands out and the blue patine practically glows!  I'm not sure if I'm lighting them the wrong way or what.  But pulling out the rich tones through the layer of thick glass is a bit of a challenge!  Thank goodness I know Photoshop enough to make up for my lack of camera skills.  Argh!

 The magnets are a great experimentation on my part--I've always enjoyed magnets, and when I found the metallic finishes would stick to the underside of the glass, I was excited by the potential to use it in my Neck Laces and as brooches.  I'm wondering what other kinds of chain and charms I could use in conjunction with it.  Hmmm...

Regardless, this is all going into my Etsy and Artfire shops, soon.

Anyway, until next time--Live Life with Relish!

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