Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween's Around the Corner

Halloween is around the corner, and I'm sure that some of you already have plans for your costume!  Some of you may not really care too much about that, and instead are planning for a quiet evening at home, possibly passing out candy to neighborhood kids or simply watching TV.

Regardless, Halloween has become quite an interesting phenomenon as far as "contemporary holidays" are concerned.  In my lifetime alone, it has changed dramatically from something relatively small-scale to a big commercially supported holiday.  When I was growing up, we bought costumes in boxes with plastic masks held on with elastic behind our heads.  But now...  Wow.  It's not that way anymore!

Nowadays, we have the internet, of course, and that's changed everything.  Now we have instantaneous access to any number of tutorials about how to make our own costumes, how to create decorations, and how to make cookies.  Gone are the days when a vacu-formed costume was cool--nowadays there are some awesome looks that simply can't come in a box.  I think Halloween's standards have increased a bit.

On a personal level, I've come to love and hate Halloween at the same time...  It's always been a double-edged sword for me.  I have very high standards for costuming, so I rarely get dressed up myself.  It's easier for me to assist others in their endeavors, but I rarely if ever don a costume myself.

And it seems that just about this time of the year is when many of my theatrical costuming jobs have happened.  It's common for a shows to open around Halloween in academic venues, and most professional theaters like to have a multi-week run of a show happening about this time as they prepare for diving into their Christmas shows.  So October, for me, has usually meant lots of people asking for my help and me not being able to give it to them...  Which always makes me frustrated.  And even less inclined to be in a celebratory mood.

But this year promises to be different.  This year, I actually went out and bought some pumpkins and gourds to decorate my house.  This year, I'm actually helping a couple friends with their costumes.

I think this may be a good Halloween after all.

Live Life with Relish!

Image by lobo235 via Flickr.  Creative Commons License.

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