Saturday, June 25, 2011

In the Immortal Words of Monty Python, "Run Away! Run Away!"

I really try to be an informed person.  I watch the news, I pay attention to what my friends post on Facebook.  I like to discuss current events with my partner.

I also try to stay socially responsible.  I recycle.  I haven't purchased new clothes (other than tennis shoes) for myself in a very very long time.  I don't get out to the house much, so I don't waste a lot of gasoline.

I also try to empathize with my fellow humanity as much as I can, rather than succumb to my gut reaction of instinctual fear.  I honestly try to wrap my head around why another person does what they do before I criticize them too roundly.  (Of course, I've also been called passive aggressive in the past, so I'm not sure if it's actually exercising my patience and empathy or simply a very long windup before my blood frenzy kicks in...)

But lately...  Sigh.  The more I watch on TV or the internet, the worse I feel.  And I don't want to turn into one of those hermit people who cut themselves off from the rest of the world for their own sanity.  Honestly, I want to stay connected.  But it's getting harder.  I find myself becoming more and more upset by politics, and my short fuse colors my attitude for the rest of the day.  I find myself frustrated about not finding the right venues for my work, and trying to figure out how to play the social media game better.  But it's turning into a game I have less and less interest in playing...

Today, I backed up and realized, "Wow, I've let it happen to myself again."  And it was deviously effortless.  The slope was so slippery I didn't even realize I was sliding.

I had cracked a bit, and a tide of worry came sliding in.  I let myself become idle, and I started to think I should spend more time on the internet expanding my presence.  I started to think that I should watch CNN, or indulge my curiosity by following those fascinating political stories posted on Boing Boing and Neatorama.  From a little sliver of an opening, I was suddenly awash in worry, agitation, and depression from my perceived inability to affect my world.

Now, I'm a "fixer".  My first instinct was to "fix it".  I thought--well, I'll drop TV, unsubscribe to those worrisome blogs, and get rid of my news ticker from Yahoo...  But I'm realizing that retreat isn't that easy.   In the short term, it's refreshing to escape from it all.  But in the long term, I'm only hurting myself.  No the more constructive answer is to develop a self-discipline that puts the anxiety in it's place.  Acknowledging it is better than ignoring it.

I'm not really sure how to do that yet...  I'm going to have to ponder that some more...   But in the meantime, I know some of it has to do with creating things that are beautiful.  The more I do that, the better I'll feel, I think.

Ya'll have any advice about what you do?  I'd appreciate your ideas and thoughts.  I am sure we've all developed individual coping mechanisms or tricks that help us focus, letting ourselves set aside issues that are too big for us, or simply helping us get back to what we do best... Bringing us all back to creativity...

I'm gonna have to start paying more attention to Living Life with Relish, and not feeling like I'm simply watching someone else do it...

Image by Playingwithbrushes via Flickr.  Creative Commons License.


  1. Giving..that's how to overcome the Funk that comes from experiencing too much Negativity.Every time I feel impotent, frustrated with the idiotic things that happen due to ignorance, etc etc, I get out my purse, empty some more cupboards, and buy things to donate to worthy Charities.Right now in Adelaide they need blankets, warm clothing, pillows...for the Homeless and a Men's Shelter in the city. That's where we are off to this week.Exposure to too much negativity robs us of our Energy and ability to change things- even one tiny act of Good is Worthy.Clearing out Clutter is Marvellous too...

  2. Judy, this is a lifeline. Thank-you. You are SO right. I think this is exactly what I needed to hear. Giving is the antithesis of all that bad stuff. It turns it on it's head. This is exactly what I needed for my heart. I can't tell you how much better I feel already... I will remember this forever!!! Time to go make something nice for someone.

  3. Such a fantastic post--I think expresses what a lot of us are feeling!! And what great advice lifted my spirits today too :)

  4. Hey Corey, it does get to be too much at times, doesn't it? I worry alot and get so sad about the earth and mankind, so much out of control.
    I think Judy does have the right idea, to keep giving what & where you can, the needs are great and the little things so appreciated by many ...
    just trying for those special connections, like right here. Just be careful of what you absorb.

  5. Dear Corey, this much I know. Whatever we feel today, it's always a little different tomorrow. And that's what keeps me going when things are down.

  6. Debi, it's good to know there are others out there that feel the same way!!! I'm not alone! : )

    Susan, I'm going to be much much more aware of what I absorb. That is very very good advice! If I can absorb it, I can also ring it out like a sponge can and make sure I'm soaking up more good stuff!

    And Jane, thank-you thank-you thank-you! I hadn't thought about it that way, either. And today is a bit better, I think. You're right! : )


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