Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sleeping Beauty Emerges

This week I dove into making Sleeping Beauty's vest...  And I got quite a ways on it.  I cut out the satin under-layer (colored bridal satin), the lace over-layer (curtain sheers), as well as the lining and most of the trim(originally white which I dyed pink).  Then I started slamming it together!

While I haven't cut out the capelette yet, I got a huge surge forward today, and intend on finishing it up tomorrow if things go well.  Cutting everything out went much more swiftly than I thought, and I was able to accomplish it in one evening.  I had previously modified the pattern (notice the incredibly low cut neckline which is quite different from Little Red), so I wasn't worried about needing to do that.  Today I cut out the lining and the vest backs, flatted all the layers together, assembled them, put trim on them, and then bagged everything out!  Voila!  Insta-vest!

Here's a few pics as an update.  Note please that the dress form is too big--I constructed the vest for a size 14, and my form is bigger than that...  So it looks a tad small.  It isn't.  I need to buy a smaller dress form.  : )

Also, the armscyes are not finished and thus they look a bit "raggedy"--the construction of the vest with the trim pointed me toward doing them by hand (even though I'm sure I've missed a construction methodology that lets me do them by machine and still apply all the trim the way I wanted to...)  I also still need to attach the bow as well as finish the back of the vest lining, but by and large it's coming along.

The next step is to dive into the capelette, with it's Peter Pan collar and marabou trim!  Woohoo!  Sewing feathers is always a challenge for me, but I've done marabou before and while it's cumbersome it's not impossible...

The flower trim along the seams is working well, and the glass beading along the bottom (in the shape of stems and rose leaves) is something I'm quite proud of.  It'll be fun to finish it all up!

Then it's on to either Goldilocks or Snow White...  I have some materials for both of them, but Goldilocks is much simpler as I am incorporating store-purchased components into the look.  That leaves a little bolero vest that'll be the only thing I'm making for her.  Snow White's build, on the other hand, is much more extensive.  Multiple blacks, some layered sleeves, and some skirt action attached to the bottom of the vest will hopefully make it look less like a vest and more like a period bodice that references the Disney movie, but I am not how comfortable in the end I am with that... I don't know.  I need to think about it more.

Regardless, I thought I'd send out an update!  Until next time, Live Life with Relish!


  1. Good work, Cory! It's looking down right lucious.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Thank you so much, Susan! I'm hoping to get it all finished up this afternoon. And considering that I need a smaller dress form to display her better, I need to spend some time looking on the internet searching for one...

    And Susan, your suit fabric project is beautiful!!! How fun!!! Congrats!


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