Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crafts & a Movie: Screening "Handmade Nation"

Tonight I'm going over to my friend Robin Sanford Robert's house to watch a movie that she purchased a long time ago called Handmade Nation.  She's having a small group of friends over to make Sangria together, watch the documentary, and maybe do some printmaking.

Robin is a scene designer that I worked with when I was teaching at my former university job.  She and I were in the same department--I was the Costume Designer and she was the Scenic Designer.  We worked together on many many projects, shared an office, and essentially learned how to teach together.  We would ask questions to each other and seek advice.  We shared resources and ideas, and even team taught some courses together.  We worked together for 6 years, and we became very very close.  I miss not seeing her practically every day...

So going over to her house tonight is going to be a great treat.  She purchased Handmade Nation a long time ago, and has been wanting to watch it with me for a year!  Tonight we're sitting down to do it.

Our mutual friend Ben Seibert is coming over, too.  He is still at our former university where he is their Technical
Director and Production Manager.  Ben just found out he's going to be a father, so we're all really excited for him.  Ben is a ceramic artist in his own right, and has a strong interest in organic farming.  I have a feeling Ben is going to like the documentary, too!

Not only am I looking forward to spending time with Robin and Ben, but I've realized I'm really looking forward to crafting with other people.  I've never done printmaking.  I'm really excited about it!  There is something about exploring amongst friends, with no pressure to make anything groundbreaking, and simply laughing and sharing that is incredible!  There will be wine, a good documentary to discuss, and some creative expression!  How can you beat that?

Robin and I had discussed possibly doing something like this in a more formalized structure...  I've heard of wine and craft parties before, where adults gather and learn something new for a small fee, and bring their own beverages and snacks.  Not a formal "class" per se, but a "gathering" of like-minded people to get messy together and expand their creativity.    Maybe this is a grand experiment on her part to take the next step?  Maybe.  I hope so.  I miss not having fellow artists in my life on a consistent basis like I had Robin and Ben.

Anyway, below is the trailer for Handmade Nation.  Enjoy, and Live Life with Relish!  I'll share with ya how my first printmaking experience goes...  : )

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