Friday, June 4, 2010

Some Good News!

I got some great news in my email inbox the other day!

I had created some vests inspired by the characters of Glinda and Elphaba from Wicked the Musical (as I've shared here in this old post of mine).  It was a call for entries from Belle Armoire magazine.  They wanted clothing that was reminiscent of what Glinda or Elphaba might wear.

Being a costume designer, I was all over this.  I cranked out some vests, and sent them in.  Now, I had no idea what to expect.  I had never done this before.  I didn't know for sure if I was sending my vests to the right person, if I was including enough information, if I was coming across as incredibly overzealous and naive...

I decided I needed to take the chance, though.  I felt that if I never took the chance, I'd always regret never knowing.

So yesterday, I got an email back from Belle Armoire saying my vests had been chosen, and they needed an 800-word story outlining some specific topics they wanted to know more about.

I. Am. Stoked.  I have never had this happen before!!  My vests are going to be printed in the magazine, and I'm going to have a little story that accompanies them!  I am So Thrilled!!!

But this triggered a conversation between my partner and I, regarding what it is that I'm doing with my business Relished Artistry.  He made a series of comments that made me feel about 300 feet tall (I guess that's why I keep him around, huh?).  He asked why I was trying to make stuff that would "sell" when it's the really artistic and creative stuff that I'm making that is standing out the most.

And this has sorta rocked my world...  I realized I do my best work when I'm not worried about it needing to "sell".  When I'm not thinking about money and instead concentrating my focus on the piece I'm working on, then I really seem to create stuff that shines...  The pieces that I have sold are probably my most artistically "free"...

This made me feel really really good.  It gives me permission to be the artist that I want to be but have been too scared to take the leap.  I've been so concerned about making money that I hadn't realized I was choking myself off from the very creative connection that would allow me the ability to make it.  I have to trust that my self expression will lead to bringing in enough money to survive.  I have to trust that if I stop thinking about money and instead concentrate on the whys/whats/hows of my art, that I will eventually sell enough to maintain my ability to keep expressing.

After all, it's called Relished Artistry, not "Making Money through Mass Produced Art".


Live Life with Relish!


  1. Corey, I'm happy for you. The 800 word story shouldn't be a problem for you! :)
    Whatever balance you need to find between creativity and "what sells", I'm sure you'll find it. And I hope you'll remember me when you're rich and famous.
    - Jane P

  2. Jane, you are too too kind! Thank-you! : )

    Yeah, I do tend to ramble on rather verbosely, don't I? LOL! I just can't help myself--someday I'll trap you in a conversation, and it will be entirely one sided: all about me! LOL!

    And I do hope I find that balance you refer to. Quickly. As you can tell, I sometimes feel like I'm blindly wandering around waiting for lightning to strike... I'll figure it out. Someday. Hopefully. : )

  3. Corey-I just read this-that's fantastic!! That's a really cool publication.
    robin (not anonymous, but I don't know how to post otherwise!)

  4. Thanks, Robin! I'll chat with ya about how to post non-anonymously sometime if you want! What a hoot to see you comment on here! Whee! And congrats on the celebration you're having, too! :)

  5. OMG big brother! Mom told me about your new so I had to look! I am soo excited for you! You are sooooo talented and I am so excited for you! You MUST tell me when the magazine comes out so I can get one!
    You just hang on tight.....I know you have good things waiting for you yet!

    love you...Brenda :)

  6. There's nothing like family to make you feel good! Thanks, Brenda! I will indeed let you know when the magazine comes out--probably in mid-late August, I'm betting... And thank you for the positive thoughts! I'll hang on tight (I'm not sure if there's an alternative, really... LOL!), and keep working to create cool stuff! : )


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