Friday, April 2, 2010

Presence, Part II

This is a continuation of yesterday's post.

So what does "being present when using Social Media" have to do with Relished Artistry or this blog?

Well, I feel it's very relevant.  First, as a blog that discusses a bit about the development of business, it's always nice to think about how to do it!  The impact that these kinds of internet tools are having on our lives is irrefutable--it's hear in a big way!  And probably won't go away any time soon...  A discussion of it is certainly applicable to all of us.

Secondly, the short little comment that I heard on that podcast reminded me that I haven't been to present lately.  And when I have been posting, the content hasn't been stellar.  It reminded me that I have a lot of developing to do.  because of that comment, I went back and organized what I was working on, sorted out a bit of a plan of attack, and stepped up my work with a bit more gusto.  Or at least I plan on it.

In short, if this is going to work, I have to do this blog for reasons other than simply promoting my business, or as a live journal.  And that means thinking good and hard about why Relished Artistry exists in the first place, so I can connect on a truer level with people aside from the simple consumer relationship.

Ultimately, it simply made me think.  I hope it made you think, too.  How's that for summarizing?  LOL!

Live Life with Relish!

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