Friday, April 16, 2010

I was on a Podcast! Woot!

I sent a voicemail to Art and Story, recommending a book that I had used as an instructor in one of the college classes I used to teach.  Seems the guys who do the Art and Story podcast are starting a new series called "Visual Cues" that are talking about the aspects of visual storytelling that add up to "style".  They're going back to the basics, and I thought I'd tell them about the book, Picture This by Molly Bang, which I have used for the same reasons.

Anway, they played my voicemail on their podcast!  Woohoo!  What a trip!  Here's a link to the podcast page: Episode #127: The Big Potpourri VII.  It's about 3/4 of the way through at 1:21:45.

I have to say, this particular podcast is quite relevant to what I do in my own field even though it may not sound like it at first...  What do comics have to do with Wearable Art?  Well, regardless of whether they are drawing attire for a character on the page, or I'm building attire for a character on the stage, we still draw upon many of the same thought processes and principles of art to achieve our goals.  And their struggles as freelancers are the same as mine--time management, networking, investment of the heart, inspirations, money, media...  Their efforts to get a story on the page is the same as mine when I try to get a character out of my head and into the medium of fabric--which is actually (from a certain perspective) soft sculpture.

I've found their banter quite fun to listen to, and I really connect to it.  They're good guys, and I highly recommend listening in on their talks.

Until next time, Live Life with Relish!

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