Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick Before-Work Thought for the Day

I've been listening to more podcasts.  Yes, I'm addicted.  It's starting to become a serious issue for me!  LOL!

In one of the podcasts that I started listening to (I think it's So Forth Now), the lady decided to pick a word for the year.  She chose "possibilities".

I think I'm choosing a word for this year, too: Enthusiasm.  I have plenty of enthusiasm, but it seems to happen randomly and without balance.  Some things I find it incredibly hard to become enthused about, or I find that it dwindles rapidly after a short time.

I've made commitments that require sustained enthusiasm in my life, so the kind that I'm going to work on is a consistent type that may have it's ups and downs but is present throughout.  My degrees of enthusiasm are all over the place--I need to develop a range that's a bit healthier in outlook.

Another one of my podcasts (I think it was Accidental Creative) said, "Sales is the transference of enthusiasm."

I think I need to work on genuine enthusiasm that endures.  Because I like what I'm doing, and it will all crumble if I don't have the endurance, spirit, and belief to sustain it.  That's what I've decided to work on for a while.  : )

You all have a word for your year?  I know--bit late in March, but hey, it's almost tax time, so I guess there's a certain cyclical nature to it!  LOL!

Live Life with Relish!

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