Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This ain't your momma's kimono...

Now this is Wearable Art...

Last year, the San Diego Museum of Art did an exhibit on the work of Itchiku Kubota:  Kimono as Art.

Who the heck is Itchiku Kubota?

I was stunned to find out.

His work is incredible!!  I walked into the museum and was stunned.  Flat. Out. Stunned.

Using stitch-resist, ink drawing, embroidery, metallic leaf, and hand dying, this man has created a life's work of kimono art that is inspiring and stunning.  Here's an article from How Magazine that describes his work.

Here is another blog about his stuff.

I think I need to just step out of the way and let you all see his work.  Stunning.  I'm inspired and awestruck.

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