Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Citizens of the Procrasti Nation, Unite!

I am one of the world's best procrastinators.  I mean it.  I will invariably put off today what I can do tomorrow.  Or never.  I don't know if I came by this honestly through my genes or if this is something that I am responsible for developing myself.

I have a lot of tiny projects on my plate.  So many, I feel like I need to get another plate for the buffet because I'm running out of room...  There are so many juicy dishes to select from!  But it's hard to walk away from the buffet when there's no guarantee it'll still be open when you want more...

Not only do I have my smoking jacket project to finish up, but I'm working on some matching nun costumes that I promised to put together for a charity group.  On top of that, I have my job at the San Diego Opera that is keep ing my fingers busy during the day.  I've been told that I need to get a stock of pieces together to take to a Sweet Adelines convention by my mother-in-law (who's involved in that organization and thinks my pieces would be perfect), and I have another friend who says I absolutely must consider making some kimono-esque evening wraps.  I also have some other ideas that I want to explore (my stretch velvet tanks with phosphorescent flowers, for example), as well as this blog!!

Something tells me I need to stop resting on my laurels and start applying myself.  Procrastination will kill a business, right?  I can't afford that.  Time to get busy.

So.  Next time, I return to the Smoking Jacket tutorial, and discuss how that's coming along.  Or rather, how it's not coming along because of discoveries I've made in the construction process.  Ugh.  One step forward, two steps back.  But more on that later.

Until then, Live Life with Relish!

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