Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another New Project

So I found out that Belle Armoire (a Stampington and Company magazine) has got a call out for outfits inspired by Elphaba and Glinda of Wicked the Musical.

I love that show.

So I decided to take one of the patterns I had made in the past, select appropriate fabrics, throw in some details specific for the project, and enter it.

Who knows if it'll result in anything, but gosh darnit I'm havin' a great time! I'm really happy with what I've put together so far for my Elphaba vest. I decided to make it swallowtail, and add some lace at the shoulders, and then make some decorative details in the front panel--machine stiched yarn and a decorative fabric stitch onto the surface of changeable taffeta which I painted with some fabric dye shadows in black.  I also painted the lace with some opaque fabric dye, and made a raven-inspired swallowtail for the back. I'm gonna find a steampunk or rhinestone buckle for the vest back, but we'll see if I can find it. Here are some pics!

I have the fabrics all selected for a more reserved icey-blue glam version for Glinda, using the same pattern but taking the raven quality out of the swallowtail and using a soft bow in the center back instead. Gonna work on that this next weekend! If nothing else, I'll simply post them on my Etsy or Artifre stores and see if they sell... Wish me luck!

Live Life with Relish!


  1. Corey, it sounds like you have your own project runway going on here. I had to laugh. Swallowtail! I'm detecting a fondness for swallowtail. I wish you success in your entry. Also to your etsy & artfire. Have you heard of zibbet? It's new, might get yourself seen more easily. If you wanna try, use my referral or not. It's up to you.
    For every 7 persons you refer (premium only) you get zibbet for free forever.
    All the best!

  2. I have never heard of Zibbet! Thanks, Jane! I will have to check it out before committing to anything--it looks really sleek though!

    And I'd never thought of it as a "Project Runway" thing, but I think you may be right... LOL! Golly, all it took was a little challenge and "boom!", I'm off and runnin'! I think I'd been mulling over this challenge for a while, and in the end decided, "Hey, what can I lose?"

    I've never done anything like this before, so we'll see if anything actually results. The best I can hope for is a couple of pics in their magazine--there's no cash prize or anything.

    Somehow, I find it easier to work within parameters, I think. I had an advisor in grad school that called them "delimitations", and he was right... Sometimes having guidelines for what'll work and what won't can really free the mind. And I think I found it on this project... :)

  3. And thanks, Kelly for your good energy! Right back at ya! Good luck with the Oilcloth!! :)


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