Sunday, November 15, 2009

And So It Goes...

I must lead one of the most boring lives of everyone I know.  This last couple of weeks have proven it to me.  I go to work, I come home, I watch TV, listen to my audiobooks, and then go to bed.  Then I get up and do it all over again.  Pretty repetitious.

But the end is in sight--my day job as overhire at La Jolla Playhouse is coming to a close very soon, and I will be returning my attention to my own business.  I feel like I've neglected Relished Artistry a bit--but I've still had a couple sales, so that's been exciting!  I know that I could be spending some more time on it, however, and I'm actually looking forward to creating some new things.  Fleshing out my "stock" is the first thing on my priority list, and I have a list of items that I am going to make.

I think my time at La Jolla has taught me a lot--I have a new understanding of knits now, so I'm excited about making some new knitwear.  I had done a couple samples of some women's tanks with a cute little rose in the center front by the neckline, and now that I know how to hem them and sew them better, I'm less hesitant to take the leap.  We'll see how it pans out, but I anticipate I'll have some cute little black stretch velvet tops soon.

I'm also going to investigate some menswear in the form of smoking jackets...  Higher quality, lined, with some masculine embellishment on the center back (maybe a silhouette of a bird?  Skull?  Tree?  Scorpion?), but I need to find the right image first.  I'm leaning toward using tribal tattoos as reference and inspiration.  The challenge is painting crisp, sharp lines on a velvet pile...hehe...  Not the easiest thing in the world...

And I'm going to put together a "fantasy" cape with a piped collar and leaf embellishment along the hem.  We'll see how a more overtly "costume-ish" item is received.

I have yet another coat to put together that I am working on, ready to put in the sleeves and the lining.  It'll be done very soon, but until then it rests on a dressform in my studio until I get the "gumption" to finish it off.  Having energy to continue sewing at night after sewing all day can be a bit difficult...  But I won't have to worry about that soon.

Alrighty! Another post soon!  Live Life with Relish!

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