Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brain Melt

I've had a busy, mindful couple of days.  "Mindful?" you ask.  Yep.  My mind is full!  I've had a lot of juicy conversations with a lot of folks all week long, and my brain is buzzing so much it's tired.

I've had email exchanges with smart, savvy entrepreneurs (shout out to Michelle Sholund of By the Bay Botanicals), and received more comments on my blog than I ever have before (thanks Sister Diane, Gwen, and Michelle)!  I've also been lurking around the Etsy forums commenting and picking the brains of different shop owners there.  I joined the local San Diego Etsy team, and now have dozens of local etsy shops and blogs to go explore in my copious spare time (!).

I've been reading some other blogs that have interesting topics that have stretched my mental capacity, and found some wonderful resources I didn't know existed (I'll share those with you in the future--gotta explore them some more... hehe...)

I've found some websites of different clothing vendors that have made me turn green with envy and planted the seeds of determination, some of them local!!  Talk about spurring one on to accomplishment--if they can do it and my stuff is just as good, then why can't I?!?

On top of that, I've had some exchanges with some of my real life friends that have offered me some advice regarding the direction of Relished Artistry, and given me some really good food for thought regarding what I'm making and what I could potentially do with it in the future.  Is more of a costume-bent in the future?  Hmmm...

My problem now is that my brain is so full, I don't know what to do next!!

One never ending responsibility is to create more of a body of work, so when I feel myself getting "overwhelmed" with ideas I've been retreating back to my studio to concentrate on generating more items to sell.  I could literally spend all my time on the internet, zooming around the blogosphere absorbing new thoughts and plans, but at a certain point my gas tank empties and I have to slow down to make a pit stop.  My studio is my pit stop. No crew, no tires, no smelly fuel.  It is a garage, though!

Now it's time to DO, not ponder.  Well, at least ponder while I do.  Haha!

So that's what I'm going to do right at this moment:  spend time in my studio, simply sewing.  I have some projects that I need to complete, and some others that I want to start, and there's no time like the present.  It's getting cooler in San Diego, and working out in the garage is quite comfy--I'll eventually have to get space heaters to keep it warm, but I won't worry about that yet.  Right now, it's crisp and cool and energizing!

So I'm off.  To relish my life by enjoying my simple pleasures and add to my stock.  And perhaps along the way, my brain will sort out the next step.    : )


  1. I'm so behind in my blog reading, I have been trying to keep up with you in fits and starts. It sounds as though you have much to stew on. Wish I could offer advice but, the only thing I can offer is encouragement.
    When I started my blog I knew that I was just testing the waters and hopefully laying some groundwork for the future. I knew that I could not fully devote myself to my business until the wee lass was in school next fall, when I would have more time. It seems strange sometimes, the people who follow my blog, I am often surprised. I have learned so much yet only touched the surface of the mammoth depths of blogland.

    I have done very little to promote myself but, flickr has opened many doors, mostly just commenting on other blogs has brought interest to mine. I do worry that I do not have that elusive niche or signature style that is unique enough to set me apart, my interests are so varied that it is hard to stick with one way of doing things. I often feel like an itty bitty fish in a big ass pond. The one constant I offer is attention to detail and that I have passion and joy for what I do.

    The one thing I can say is this (cliche as it may be) Be yourself, write about what you love, make what you love and sometimes things fall into place when you least expect it.

    You make beautiful apparel, the crafting of these lovely items is stellar, and I for one, look forward to seeing what happens next.

  2. Lola, thanks so very very much for your comment! I really appreciate it! It was suggested to me on the "Wordpress Version" of this blog that I should consider closing down one or the other to consolidate search engine results, and I will be doing that eventually--I just can't figure out which one to link to the other...

    I am still pondering what I am doing with the blog, and it's hit upon me that for right now the best thing I can do is recount my times at La Jolla Playhouse since there are so few that get to experience what a costume shop is like.

    I'm also spending what free time I have exploring the different blogs and shops... One of my co-workers at the Playhouse suggested I go into reproducing men's period underwear, and I am seriously considering it... You can't find it anywhere now days, and so much time is wasted building it for show after show after show... Could be an interesting "niche"...

    Hope you're doin' good, and that your happy and healthy! : )


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