Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Shmeekend

So today is Saturday, and I'm spending time at the computer starting to develop a community for my blog, and eventually my Etsy sight when I finally get it started. I'm going back and looking at all the blogs I've subscribed to, and following as many links as I can from those websites to others that may be interesting to me...

I am actually subscribing to more blogs... ... I can't keep up with what I've already got! There are so many! And they're all so good! Many of them have craft projects, or record new and upcoming events and craft shows that each blogger is getting ready to attempt. I am discovering that there are actually different "types" of blogs that I am recognizing...

One is the "Professional Crafter" blog. These are the ones that sell items, books, and outline projects. Many of them are either just starting out, or they are very well established in the biz, like The Crafty Chica.
Another category is the "Journaling Crafter" blog. These are bloggers that record their normal everyday ins-and-outs of their families and adventures and their crafting. Many of them share stories of their personal lives, like Angry Chicken.
Still others are "Cataloging Crafters", where the bulk of their blogs are about sharing things they have discovered that are really eye-catching for them, and could serve to inspire others. So they are full of links to juicy and thought-provoking stuff! Like one of my favorite blogs ever, Dude Craft.
It's important to realize that none of the blogs that I've found out there easily and clearly fit into any of these categories. And incidentally, these also have the three ingredients that Alyson Stanfield of says are necessary for a good blog in the first place: being Informative, Inspiring, and Entertaining.
So that's what I'm doing today, and let me tell you there are way too many really cool things out there to explore. I am going to try to center my efforts on the "business" side of art/crafts, so hopefully I'll have a lot to share in my next post.
Until then, an update on my current projects: I trashed the grey, 1950s-inspired jacket, and remade it out of black velveteen, which was the right choice. I found some really cool black "fur" for the cuffs, and I'm incorporating a silk scarf into the coat that will create a beautiful soft bow over the center front closure. I think it's going to be quite striking with the 1950's-inspired brushwork all over the surface. I'm excited! Almost done! Here's a preview!
Until then--live life with relish!

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