Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Spoonful of Sugar...

So Jonathan and I had to find a car by the end of the weekend. We were surprised by how much the insurance company is giving us, and our bank pre-approved him for a loan. So we went shopping...

We had owned a cute little 2000 Toyota Echo for 10 years. We loved it. It was a cheese wedge on wheels--really spacious interior and a good solid workhorse for us. We were sad that the damage was proportionately too much for the insurance company to warrant repairs. We'd paid it off, we were very happy.

And now, to have to find another car when the Echo simply isn't on the market anymore... Well. We started with Toyota. The Yaris was the next evolution of the Echo, rebranded. It had been extensively remodeled as well, so that didn't work. Jonathan couldn't get into it without contorting his body like a gymnast... So we looked for something that he didn't have to hire a chiropractor to be able to use.

This led us to the Toyota Scion, the Kia Soul, and the Nissan Cube.

And we chose the Cube. The Scion was too expensive for what it was--a 2004. The Soul was comparable, but it didn't have any umph behind it when it accelerates. And the Cube was our cheapest choice. And that's what we did.

And now we have a car payment, our insurance is gonna go up, and the pressure is REALLY on for Relished Artistry to be a success.

Today, I go to the Museum of Art with my dear friend Robin Roberts. She has passes, and we've enjoyed our experiences there together in the past, so I'm gonna have a good, inspiring, art-filled day! Sack lunch in Balboa Park--what more can a person ask for? It's gonna be sunny, breezy, and my heart will be stimulated and motivated! I'm taking Baked Beans and Hotdogs, cuz that's comfort food I haven't had in years. : )

Tonight, I dive into my next project--another coat made out of velveteen this time--a smaller size because I don't have much fabric left. Then back to the stretch-knit tops! I'm considering pushing the medieval, illuminated manuscript look just to see what that does. But I know that the Museum of Art has some wonderful examples of Hindu art that I've seen before, and that intrigues me as well. We'll see.

Live life with Relish!

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