Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving On from the Past

After having my discussion with my two friends on Sunday night, I realized I still have "unresolved issues" regarding moving on from my former job.  But then I saw this somewhere online, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I had to share it with you... I've since closed the window where I found this, so I can't link to the original where I found it...

This is a traditional Buddhist tale:

Two Buddhist monks from the same monastery were traveling through a heavy forest. The older, more experienced monk walked in the front while his younger counterpart walked behind. As they traveled alongside a river, they came upon a beautiful young woman. She appeared troubled and concerned, standing at the river’s edge looking across.

As they approached, she called out to them for assistance. She needed to cross the river—but the river was far too wide, deep, and strong-moving. She wasn’t strong enough to fight her way across, nor was she tall enough to keep her head above water. She didn’t know what she was going to do to get across, but she defiantely had to cross.

The two monks were from a particularly strict, rules-driven sect. Their temple rules and regulations disallowed any contact with women; the monks weren’t even supposed to look at women, much less talk to them.

The experienced monk promptly walked over, picked up the young woman, and carried her in his arms safely across the fast-flowing river. He put her down on the opposite bank, where she graciously thanked him for his kindness and help.

The monk returned across the river and continued on his way—but the younger monk was astonished! How could his experienced elder even think about looking at the woman, much less actually carry her in his arms! How could he get close to her?

They continued walking through the forest, the older monk in front of the younger. They walked for a mile—with the less experienced monk’s frustration getting worse by the minute. When he could take it no more, he stopped in his tracks and shouted at the older monk.

“How could you do such a thing! How could you dare look at that woman, much less touch her and talk to her?! You know we’re not supposed to have contact with women. It’s strictly against the temple’s rules. How could you?!”

The older monk, having felt the younger monk’s building frustration, paused and turned around.

He smiled thoughtfully and said, “Are you still carrying that woman with you? I put her down a mile ago.”

Time for me to let go.  I will remember this.

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