Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lunch with Chickenscratch!

On Tuesday, I had coffee with another Etsyian, Beth Merriman. Beth has her own Etsy store, www.chickscratch.etsy.com, where she sells vegan candles, bath, and body products that she makes from scratch.

I had gone on Etsy a while ago, investigating the different San Diego participants who had storefronts there. There were a LOT! And there still are... There is an East County "team" (i.e. a loose group of sellers banding together through philosophy or geography) that has a huge number of members... Beth is a member of that one as well as the Vegan team.

So I met her to pick her brain regarding her experiences in Etsy. I asked her just how she does it!! The items that she sells look wonderful--the quality of the photos is great, the variety of items is incredible, and she's actually selling enough to keep her really busy! Of course, she works as a dresser at the Globe as well, but between the two, she's making it!

We chatted about her different experiences, and she shared with me some websites that I didn't know about that helpful resources, and some features of Etsy that I wasn't aware of. I have a lot more to explore now--my brain was a tad overwhelmed...

After that, I headed out to Joann's and bought a women's vest pattern (oy, I'm being lazy lazy lazy...) and cut out two size 18s from the remaining black velveteen and lining fabric I had left over from the 50's coat. I actually have enough to make a couple handbags as well! I sewed up the fashion fabric of one and started to paint it--a project that I will continue in earnest on Wednesday.

I'm also gonna do several other things: 1) I experiment with different photography setups... I'm going to take some kraft paper and mount it to the fence in my back yard, and see if it's a background that works in the natural sunlight. 2) I finish one of the vests and post it. 3) I investigate more on Etsy and other sites that have information regarding it, 4) I research places to purchase checks, 5) I explore more of what my resale license does, business-wise.

Alrighty, more later! Live life with Relish!

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