Friday, August 14, 2009

Big News

Went to the museum yesterday with my good good friend Robin Roberts. She's a scene designer here in San Diego. We saw two wonderful exhibits--one by the famous photographer Richard Avedon, and the other a jewelry exhibit by the sculptor, Alexander Calder.

I can't tell you how inspired I was. Going to the museum for me is like a kind of drug, I suppose... It's a high. And then I get sensory overload and crash. I can only take so much... I can't sort it out and my brain doesn't know how to not simply go off on tangents. I'm used to using art as inspiration--that's primarily how I've developed as a costume designer. I look at pictures and try to translate the same feelings and such to works that I can put on stage.

The Avedon pics were easier to distance myself from, but the jewelry... Good grief, all I could think of was translating the line of it to velvet... Using metallic paint, even. It could be so easily represented in brush strokes... I just about popped. I walked away thinking I'd have to try two of his ideas--a fish, and a butterfly--and somehow make them my own... There is so much to say about how it stimulated me, I can't even verbalize it... I'll have to just do it and show you. Google has some wonderful pictures--here's a link.

And something else has happened, finally...

It's finished. Relished Artistry is finally, 100% legitimate.

I got my operating agreement done. I got a business bank account today. I got my Seller's Permit today. I got my Tax information taken care of as well. It's all done.

I'm stoked!! It's happened! I'm moving forward!

Now to move on to Etsy and and other sites, as well as establishing an online presence of my own. I have to get some good photographs done, but I have a lead on that with my partner's brother-in-law... He's volunteered to take them, and he's gonna do a great job. I think I'll also be able to use Jonathan's family as models... We'll see. Now there is no excuse for me not to simply plow forward and be creative.
Oh, my goodness it's here!!! Ready set go!

Time for me to make sure others are living life with relish!!

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