Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Tad Bit of Frustration

I've been working in my garage/studio, and the heat is starting to get to me. I've found that my sleeping habits have totally changed--I'm up much much later than I used to be, so by the time I wake up, it's sweltering out. The heat has been a bit of a problem lately, and the halogen lights aren't helping the matter. However, I find that working in the studio is easier than working in the house--at least there's a breeze with the garage door open!

I still haven't received anything in the mail back from the state about the registering of my business. I think it will take a while, that's for sure. Who knows how the budget crisis in California is affecting the normal course of business...

I'm feeling wary about posting things on Etsy before I get all the paperwork finished. I don't know for sure if I can go back in and change things around regarding payment options, contact info, how accounts get credited, etc. I need to investigate that a bit more.

Overall, it's been a tad bit frustrating... I am in that stage where I have just started to climb the mountain after all the excitement of "Whee! I'm gonna climb a mountain!" And it's a daunting slope indeed. Staying motivated is not the problem. Staying focused is, since there is so very very much to do. I have so much research to explore, so much networking to do, and under all of that the basic essential need for a "collection" of some sort (if that's what it's called). It simply has to get done.

I'll finally be finishing up my current project tomorrow--a black velour coat with blue roses on it. I got the lining today, so it should be a simple matter to finish it all up.

The dress forms are on their way as well, so I'll be waiting for them to take pictures of the garments. I want to start them off on as good a note as I can for Etsy. I'm pretty sure I can't afford models yet (unless I pay them in pizza or something--haha), let alone know any photographers with the kind of "fashion shoot" quality that I feel is necessary. But I still have to get more of a stock worked up, so there's no use worrying about that yet. It's rather the "cart before the horse", as it were. We'll see how it goes.

My sister, Nicole, who lives in Columbia, Missouri, has asked me to help her make some blanks for some of her own design work. She's also interested in doing stuff with the patterns that I've made over the years... Of course, developing patterns for non-theatrical sewers is not something I have much experience with. Anyone who knows theatrical patterns knows that they're simply not like the kind you can get commercially like Vogue, Butterick, McCall's etc. I think it may take a bit of "translating" and technical writing for an average sewer to follow... I once taught a theatrical pattern making class at our local fashion design school, and believe me it's a totally different approach to pattern making. Line-to-line stitching, seam allowance, mockups... they were alien to the young students at this school, so I know how confusing a theatrical patterns can be. There is a sort of short-hand for theatrical patterns that assumes knowledge on the part of the person assembling the garment... There are no newsprint instructions. You either know enough about construction and sewing to put it together or you don't. Usually, the person drafting the pattern is also in charge of the team that's constructing the garment, so there's no need for written instructions. So I'd have to make them up. And good instructions for anything can be hard to find... Haha!

But we'll see. It's intriguing to see what may happen!

Nicole is also prompting me to make handbags. So I went out to purchase some handbag "equipment" to make matching accessories for the coats. That could be intriguing, too! I think they're gonna be my next project.

In my blog search I found some interesting little ditties! Here are some links to some blogs and websites that I found interesting, and that I plan on exploring a bit more. Perhaps, in your copious spare time, you can let me know what you think? : )

Prosperous Artists Academy

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The Sartorialist

Until next time, live life with relish!

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