Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still Setting up the Garage-Studio

So I’ve set up my studio space in my garage, right? I have some lighting out there that I put up to help illuminate by sewing space and a work table: cheap halogen flood lights that really help make the space workable. They put out a bit of heat, but that’s why I’ve also got fans to move the air around. It’ll be a bit hot in the summers, but I think I can work around the hot parts of the day–middays will be for coming inside to work on the computer.

I’ve also moved the ironing board and iron out there, but I can tell already that the “home use” stuff isn’t really going to work. I need a larger surface to put the items I’m working on completely on a table–the home board surface is simply too small to acommodate the size of the things I’m planning on working with. Boy, do I miss my industrial steam iron I had at school. The Hi Steam iron with it’s own boiler was a real dream, and over the 10 years I was at the university, I only had to take it in once, so I know they’re reliable. I’ll be looking for one of those as soon as I can afford it. The price right now is $600, so that’s a bit steep just yet. Assembling a table is going to require some 2×4 wood, some padding, and some staples, but that should be pretty easy to put together–wow, I’m gonna have to be butch for a bit! Haha!

Tonight, I went online to find dress forms, and I think I’m actually (shock of all shocks) going to be able to afford one, or even two!! There’s one good thing about going into business with the economy being like it is: things are actually pretty cheap! I can get a Uniquely You polyeurethane (foam rubber) dress form for $139, with the benefit being that they’re squishy… I had 3 of those at the university, and they were incredibly useful. I know the industry standard is hard dress forms covered in padding with linen with delineated seam lines, but they’re also pretty unforgiving when it comes to pinning things to the form easily… I can get two or three dress forms for the price of one of the regular forms. I doubt I’ll be putting them through as much use and abuse as a larger shop, so I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go for a foam one. Size 8–not too small and not too big.

So that’s where I am regarding set up of my shop. We’ll see how it progresses. I’ll keep you posted!

Until then, live life with relish!

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