Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some Confusing Errors

Oh good grief! This is why one goes through a professional to get one's business formed: paperwork errors.

I finally got word back from the state of California regarding my LLC application filing, and they sent it back...

Apparently, I followed the "do it yourself" Nolo guide a little too closely. See, Nolo has you write out everything in one's Articles of Organization in a format that is then submitted to the state, making a big deal about some of the pieces including the "Purpose of LLC" section. So not knowing what I was doing, I followed their instructions and pondered a statement regarding the "purpose" of Relished Artistry, and included that in my Articles of Organization.

Like a good little boy, I also followed the links that Nolo suggested, and went to the online website for filing the paperwork to see what was there. Lo and behold, there's an actual form one fills out (LLC-1) that has spaces for all the information the Nolo book just took 3 chapters to describe. So I fill it out and send BOTH to the Secretary of State in California.

Well, apparently, the purpose section of my non-formatted document, and the purpose section of the pre-made form didn't match up. Nolo suggested heartily that I put in wording in my purpose section that described my LLC in particular--Relished Artistry's actual purpose. But the form that the State provides has boilerplate language that is the minimum required by the state. Essentially it says the purpose of the LLC is to be able to do whatever LLC's are legally able to do. That's it. I included that in my own document (because legally I had to) but I had also followed Nolo's advice and added language that referred specifically to Relished Artistry's purpose as producing wearable art.

So when I submitted them both together, they conflicted. And they sent it back, saying that I either need to make both the form and the document match (since they felt the document was an "attachment" to my application) or just not file my own document.

So I sent it back today, simply dropping the Nolo document and resubmitting it. AARGH. Guess that shows me what's up. : (

Live life with Relish!

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