Friday, July 31, 2009

La Tour de San Diego

So my two colleagues and I went on a trip of different studio spaces in San Diego that we might be able to share. I think it's safe to say that I have officially seen parts of the San Diego are that I didn't know existed! We saw some truly wonderful spaces that are out of our league, and some that just weren't going to work. It was unfortunate the one that was within walking distance of my home wasn't what we were looking for... Just not right for us.
Our biggest challenge has been finding places within our budget that actually have water. Not just "access to" water, but with the capability of hooking up a washer and dryer and possibly a sink. Most of the places we have seen don't have that. So we're keeping our eyes peeled for more places that are within our range ($500-600 per month) that are around 600-1000 square feet. It's not been easy, and we're asking for the moon, but we'll see what happens.

The actual process of doing the search, and looking at each space was incredibly enlightening. The three of us are getting to know what our needs are much more, and we've assigned ourselves the task of making lists of needs and thinking of what resources we can offer regarding shared equipment and such. I am excited about the potential of this working--I think it will be a very very good fit for all of us. But I also know that monetarily it's a challenge as we all three can/cannot afford different price ranges, so we're trying to accommodate a lot of different factors... I am confident that this is a very very smart idea, and that the three of us will indeed find something. It's encouraging that we're moving forward. It actually feels like it's gonna happen.

Regarding the business... Still no word back from the state, but I'm not surprised--it's been less than a week. I am diving into a new project--an earthy brown velvet coat that I am decorating with falling autumnal leaves cascading down and collecting around the hem of the sleeves and the coat. I'm trying really hard to make sure the bulk of the fabric paint actually stays on the pile so as to create a pseudo-shadowy look from the front, but from the sides the actual color pops. It should be very interesting to see what happens. I will get pics uploaded to share soon.

Until then--live life with relish!

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