Friday, July 24, 2009

"Golden Rose" Coat and Purse

Well, here are some pics of the newest stuff. Coat is Sz. 18, forest green satin lining, genuine bone buttons! The purse is loosely structured, with a magnetic clasp in the center to keep it closed.

Next, I'll be working on a new coat with some lighter velvet instead of velour, so we'll see how that works out! Woohoo!

Still no word from the State, but I have no doubt it will come eventually. My dress forms were ordered 4 days ago, and they're coming UPS Ground, so it'll be sometime next week (hopefully). I'm still scouring the internet for more interesting goodies, and found another blog that I was really intrigued by. Hopefully, you will be, too! It has some really cute stuff, but most of all it's about "beginning" crafters sort of like me. It's very validating! Enjoy!

Indie House

Until next time, live life with relish!

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