Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And So It Begins

So this is the first in a series of blogs that will record my beginning steps toward the success of my business, Relished Artistry! In the interests of helping others learn a bit more about how to set up a business (or learn from my mistakes) I’m publishing posts on this blog as I go along the different steps.

To begin, let’s discuss where I am in the process of building the business right now.

To summarize quickly, this business is a Wearable Art/Clothing Design venture. My name is Corey Johnston. I’ve recently left a job at a private university that I held for 10 years, and striking out on my own. I’ve got a background in theatrical costume design, and have years of experience designing attire for characters in plays. I’ve developed in-depth skills in clothing construction and crafts, specifically in mens tailoring but certainly not limited to the sartorial arts! My years of teaching have opened up my eyes to new ways of looking at things, and now I’m ready to turn the skills I’ve developed into something that will serve me and not just fake people in imaginary staged stories!

So I’ve filed my Fictitious Business Name statement for my LLC, got an EIN, registered several domain names, and sent off my Articles of Organization to the Secretary of State of California. Until I get my business number, I can’t register for a resale license, nor a tax license, so I will have to wait on those. My immediate plans include setting up an Etsy shop, establishing an online storefront of my own, and possibly developing a podcast. This blog is a big step toward establishing a web-presence.

After much gnashing of teeth and shifting around of knicknaks, I finally have a work space set up in my garage that consists of a table for my new Bernina sewing machine and Juki serger, as well as a cutting table. I’ve invested in lighting fixtures that help brighten the place up, and commandeered the shelves so I could store the art supplies and notions that I would need to progress forward. Here’s a pic:


The west end of my garage, wedged in around the fitness equipment...

I’m designing costumes for a local theatrical production called “Noises Off” at Cygnet Theatre, and that was a good opportunity to practice using the space, which has been quite functional. Eventually, as I aquire more of the equipment that I need (like an industrial iron) it will become even more useful.

Today, I am setting up this WordPress blog and moving forward, hoping this becomes what I wish I had found previous to this point of my development: an account of how a business gets started from an Art/Apparel combo perspective. I want to record how this goes so others can refer to it. There’s a lot to say and share, but my schedule for today also includes working on the samples I need to develop a stock to actually sell! So this will be it until something new comes along. (Update: Here’s a beginning shot at what I’m tryin’. Playing with roses…)

The first of many, many, many roses on velvet...

The first of many, many, many roses on velvet...

Live life with Relish!

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